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About us

UAB Sonetas ir Ko is a private company. The company’s shares belong to a sole shareholder. UAB Sonetas ir Ko is engaged in stone cutting, shaping, decoration and building works. The company was launched in 1996 in accordance with valid laws of Lithuania. At that time it was a small-sized enterprise engaged in stone cutting. It started to develop its business in 1997-1998. A private limited company was established by merger of the individual business of S. Jakubauskas and the individual business of M. Jakubauskas.
There are two places of business of UAB Sonetas ir Ko: at Jurginu Street 1, Miklusenai settlement, Alytus District (administration and part of the production shop) and at Uzubalai Village, Alytus District (production shops).
The company’s vision and mission are very important for business. The mission of UAB Sonetas ir Ko consists in production and sales of high-quality products and constant improvement of the personnel’s qualification and satisfaction of the consumers’ expectations. The vision of UAB Sonetas ir Ko consists in taking a leading position on the Lithuanian market of stone processing and building works, and entering foreign markets.

The products manufactured by UAB Sonetas ir Ko:

  • Stone tiles, paving blocks
  • Monuments
  • Terrazzo products
  • Stone balls
  • Vases
  • Paving stone
  • Sculptures, fireplaces, fountains, table tops
  • Treads of stairs, interior elements and many others
UAB “Sonetas ir ko”. Jurginu g. 1, Miklusenu gv., LT-62471 Alytus
Phone +370 315 64446, fax +370 315 64447. Email